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Custom captcha

How do I add CAPTCHA to my form?

What is Captcha? Captcha means Completely Automated Public Turing Examination To Inform Computer Systems and Humans Apart. A technique of immediately inspecting whether a web type has been properly being an approach of immediately checking whether a web kind has been filled in correctly. Several websites use CAPTCHAs as a safety procedure against bots (automated …

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What Is Google Blacklist?

Every day, Google quarantines about 10,000 suspicious websites and places them on the “Google Blacklist.” When a website is blacklisted, it means that Google and other search engines and anti-virus companies consider the site unsafe to visit. There are numerous reasons why you may think your website is blacklisted by Google or blacklisted by URLs. For example, one of them is the rapid drop in traffic to your website. …

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