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Introducing reCAPTCHA v3


If you have a website, you need to protect your users from Bots, try to miss passwords, post, unwanted content and scrape content. The ReCAPTCHA checkbox “, I’m not a robot,” has changed the way your sites are protected. But it is a one-time check that does not suit every use case.

ReCAPTCHA v3 removes the need for interactive tests and gives you a rating to let you know when you have risky traffic. It never interrupts users, so you have control over when to run risk analysis and what to do with the results. For example, they require checking email for risky reports, sending spam to moderate, or filtering out false friendship requests.

Let’s see how ReCAPTCHA v3 works. For example, this is my online store. I recently noticed a lot more traffic that didn’t turn into conversions. I worried they might not be real customers, but I didn’t know where they were on my site or what they were trying to do to solve this problem, I decided to add ReCAPTCHA v3 to every major part of my site.

For example, when users log-in or log-out, and write product reviews for each page, I added a ReCAPTCHA script tag and a code snippet. This gave me visibility into what the robots are doing on my site.

I went to the ReCAPTCHA console to see the results. These robots seem to have posted a lot of reviews to stop the Bots. I had to check the ReCAPTCHA result on my server.

There was a bot submitting a review for cat food competitors since this review got a lot of ReCAPTCHA results, I marked it as risky and added it to the check queue. Now the robots have been rejected and my clients can trust the reviews they see. So how does this work? ReCAPTCHA an adaptive risk analysis mechanism takes different signals about the interaction and predicts the likelihood that the request was generated by the bot.

It works best with context about how humans and robots interact with your site so turn on ReCAPTCHA in many places for best performance. With ReCAPTCHA v3 you can save your site without any user friction and gain more control to stop attacks in your own way.

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