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HTTPS and Web Security

What is HTTPS and why is it so important? HTTPS is actually just HTTP but over a secure connection and what HTTPS actually gives us is identity encryption and integrity. So what that means is if you type HTTP into a web browser, you can be sure that you’re talking to the real, not some fake also means that no attacker on the network can actually see or …

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Using SSL Certificates To Secure Your Website

You ever noticed how some web addresses begin with HTTP, while others begin with HTTPS that added s means that website has SSL security. An SSL is a digital certificate that does two things: it authenticates the identity of a website and It encrypts any information being sent to it think of an SSL like an electronic passport. It establishes the credibility of a company …

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Why Website Security Is Important?

Your website is the anchor to your online presence and often your first contact with customers. But if your site’s not secure, then you could be putting your business and your customers at risk. Top Three Reasons: Today we’re going to talk about the top three reasons why website security is crucial to your business success. First, like insurance website security provides business liability protection while …

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Using Automatic Scanning and Monitoring to Protect Your Website

Without a proactive security strategy, malware infections can escalate quickly and not wreak havoc. Just on your site, but potentially spread to your customers, causing financial and reputational damage being able to quickly detect and remove malware is a critical part of a proactive website security strategy. I introduce you to the website security tool of automatic scanning and monitoring. …

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