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How To Reduce Contact Form Spam In WordPress

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How To Reduce Contact Form Spam In WordPress?

Spam is a massive issue with contact forms on WordPress sites – both the sites we design and on a global scale. These are poorly arranged and make it hard to recognize the authentic messages in the spam. Spam contact structure entries can be a massive issue for WordPress sites with high traffic, getting many spam emails every day. As the most mainstream free WordPress contact form plugin, Contact Form 7 is exceptionally focused on spammers.

How to Stop Contact Form Spam?

1. Use reCAPTCHA
2. Use a Custom CAPTCHA
3. Use Google Invisible reCAPTCHA
4. Use the Honeypot Antispam Method
5. Use WordPress Antispam Plugins
6. Block Copy and Paste In Your Forms
7. Block Traffic by IP Address
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Geoff Pyne


My website was vulnerable to those who seek to invade and I fortunately discovered the Stop Web Form Spam website. The team quickly secured me from the predators and suggested a few changes to my site. Frankly my site was a bit drab and non-engaging so I had the team rebuild it and I couldn’t be happier. The site is now looking like it belongs in 2022 and is secure – very satisfied with the service and expertise. My business is relatively small but ticking along nicely with good activity from the contact form and turnover is increasing. Stop Web Form Spam now fully maintain my site and host it – highly recommend their services.

I want to say how important you have been to the display and operation of my website. You have imaginatively redesigned my website in a way that has attracted much praise and attention, helping to draw many more visitors to the site. In addition, you have helped with the daily updating of the site — an essential need for any owner. You have proven to be always available to help me at any time of the day or night. I can’t recommend more highly for your superb work.

Steve Schlesinger


Dave Wynn


I can’t say enough good things about Stop Web Form Spam web design and hosting. I’ve been working with Stop Web Form Spam for 2 years and they are the best in the business. They do excellent work at an unbelievable price, and are always available to help with any problems that come up. I’m a small business owner, so I don’t have a huge budget for my marketing needs, but I get more leads than ever before and I’m always happy to refer them to my friends for their website design needs.